The power of the pen, the clamoring of keys, the tenacity of typing. What can be stated, what can be implied, what can be achieved. For me, the power of the pen equipped a sometimes timid but thoughtful teenager with a vibrant voice to communicate with her peers and spotlight social injustices in suburban New Jersey, an identity-seeking, college student with a tool of activism and a creative outlet, and an ambitious adult with a passion to craft humanitarian features, to tell the untold story, and to ultimately impact the world. Ingrained in my DNA, the power of the pen has cemented a career in newspaper and magazine publishing, celebrity journalism, and eventually education.

From Beyoncé to the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift, I have sat across from numerous celebrities to conduct interviews for young women’s magazines. For almost  two decades, I developed a sharp set of reporting, interviewing, researching, writing, and editing skills while working at a regional Pennsylvania newspaper and three young women’s publications. Filled with many a celebrity anecdote, I have been submerged in teen pop culture as well as the triumphs and tribulations facing teenagers today. As a deputy editor, I worked with younger staff members to share my experiences and cultivate their writing, interviewing and editing abilities

Since exiting the world of magazine publishing to freelance, I have evolved into a highly qualified teacher, ready to thrive in any secondary English classroom. A Summa Cum Laude graduate with a master’s degree in childhood education, I possess two certifications in childhood education and secondary English in New York state. Since 2010, I have motivated a plethora of diverse, multicultural student populations in Harlem, Queens and Long Island to use their individual talents to synthesize information and stimulate critical thinking.

Passing along my passion to future generations and witnessing them unearth the power of the pen has been truly transformative.

Danielle CHiara-scarola